American Signal Storm Siren Tempest T-128

T-128 American Signal
About the American Signal T-128


The Tempest™ series of Emergency Alerting sirens are used for the notification of the public or employees during severe weather situations, Hazardous Material Incidents, Wild Fires, and other disaster scenarios.

In conjunction with the FCC, FEMA, and the National Weather Service’s Emergency Alerting System to notify people indoors, the Tempest” Siren Series is used to notify people outdoors of impending danger.



100% MAINTENANCE FREE Construction of the siren head. Five Year Warranty on Siren Head

Direct Gear Drive (No Belts or Chains to stretch, break or maintain).

All external surfaces corrosion resistant (Fiberglass horns and covers and Stainless Steel hardware).

Operating at optimal level of 500 Hz

130.9 dB peak @ 100 ft

129 dB avg. @100 ft

Siren Design Characteristics

The Tempest” T-128 outdoor siren is designed to be maintenance free. Many composite components are used to reduce or eliminate the damaging effects of harsh environmental conditions. The life of an ASC siren far exceeds it’s competitor’s products. All ASC sirens and High Powered Siren Systems are constructed using Stainless Steel hardware.

T-128 Rotational Siren – 4.6 Sq. Miles Coverage

This 128dB rated siren includes:

Pole Mount & Mtg. Hdwr.
Rotation Sensor Standard
Standard (3) signals, Test Cancel
60º Sound Pattern 360º Coverage
Maintenance Free Design
Weatherproof Fiberglass housings
Gear Driven Rotation (No Belts)

ASC has eliminated the use of chains and belts used on other rotation systems, reducing the potential for failure.

The Tempest” Series of Sirens utilizes a 48 VDC motor with factory-sealed bearings, which increases reliability and efficiency.

The latest in innovative emergency notification products from ASC.

With 60 years of experience in the warning system industry, ASC has produced the Tempest” to be the most Reliable and Functionally Dependable Siren System on the market.

Available in low-cost AC operation, DC battery pack operation, and True UPS design with AC Power as the main supply source and DC battery backup in the event of power failure.

Tempest™ is the only AC/DC siren that has the ability to test the battery package on a weekly or monthly siren test as a UPS-type of system. Other manufacturers provide DC operation only with trickle charging for battery packages or AC/DC conversion where the batteries are exercised only when AC power fails. Many times that is too late to find out that the batteries are not ready for operation.

ASC can also provide all electrical control components such as the Siren Control, Radio Decoder (optional), and Service Disconnect to one mounting channel which is pre-wired at the factory. This mounting configuration reduces field installation mistakes and installation time and cost.

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Product: American Signal Storm Siren Tempest T-128

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