LBE Systems SC1

SC1 LBE Systems
About the LBE Systems SC1

• The SC1 is a radio activated controller capable of controlling sirens by
way of two-way radio paging tones.
• The Paging tone types can either be DTMF or Two Tone format.
• Programmable with up to 4 tone sets which output to independent electrically
isolated relays which can be timed independently of one another.
• An optional battery backup is available to ensure proper operation in the
event of a power outage.
• Unit can be either pole or wall mounted and use a top mounted or externally
mounted antenna for a wider coverage area.
• Includes manual test and cancel button.
• Controller Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) 11.5” x 7.5” x 13.5”


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Product: LBE Systems SC1

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