CompuLert CSC-960

CSC960 American Signal
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About the American Signal CSC960

The CSC-960™ encoder combines maximum flexibility with convenience of operation for new or existing “outdoor Warning Siren Systems.”

Use it as a stand-alone unit, or in multiple-controller arrangements of a I -way or 2-way siren control system. Compatible with both DTMF or digital FSK data-tone protocols, it may be used to upgrade your existing equipment, or as a controller for your new warning siren system. For enhanced operation, connect the CSC-960™ to a new or existing PC using a Windows operating system (Win95, 98, NT).

Designed with mounting in mind, the CSC-960™ is easily installed on a desktop, in a rack-mount configuration, or integrated into an existing dispatch console to conserve space.

The CompuLert™ CSC-960™ configuration is determined by the number of sirens you have, and the features you need. For 2-way systems with up to 15 sirens, the CSC-960™ and printer will provide critical status information relating to the operational statue of the warning siren equipment. Beyond 15 sirens, the PC Windows adjunct is generally more suitable. For large systems, or where communities require the benefits of enhanced control system(s) features, an operator work station can be provided to include the powerful CompuLert™ software for “automatic event” report generation, and other convenient features. Now the CSC-960™ will also upload and download (all) command sequences from the PC or operate independently of the PC, when simple, fast, push-button activation only is required.
Installation and operation is easy! Just plug it in to any 110 VAC, 60Hz service outlet, connect it to your radio transmitter, turn on the power, and push the tone-signal/siren(s) button(s) to activate the equipment, the CSC-960™ comes standard with battery back up, and should AC fail, will remain operational for a minimum of 8 hours. The CSC-960™ also provides continuous operation despite operator workstation failure.

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