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siren T121


Tempest T-121


Model: T121

American Signal

American Signal Storm Siren Tempest T-121

The Tempest™ series of Emergency Alerting products are used for the notification of the public or employees during severe weather situations, Hazardous Material Incidents, Wild Fires, and other disaster scenarios.

In conjunction with the FCC, FEMA, and the National Weather Service's Emergency Alerting System to notify people indoors, the Tempest" Siren Series is used to notify people outdoors of impending danger.


* Omni directional siren with 360° sound coverage pattern.
* Rated 121 dB at 100 ft.—effective range up to 1.75 sq. miles to 68 dB.
* Standard—3-tone signals, local test, and cancel.
* System can be configured for AC operation, DC operation, or True UPS backup.
* UL Listed.
* Factory sealed motor bearings eliminates greasing and maintenance.
* 48 VDC Motor Design provides unmatched reliability for years of foolproof operation.
* Stainless steel hardware.
* Siren unit is completely maintenance free.
* 5 Year Parts Warranty.
* Motor control, radio decoder, and electrical disconnect can be prewired and assembled to one mounting channel for ease of installation.
* Screened air intake and output.


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