Sho-Me PAR 36 LED Lights

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About the Sho-Me PAR36LEDLights



* Replaces conventional incandescent and halogen PAR 36 bulbs with long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs.

* Available in two intensities:

– Standard with 16 high-intensity LEDs.

– Ultra-Bright with 52 high-intensity LEDs.

* Comes with clear lenses and your choice of amber, blue, green, red or white LEDs.

* Waterproof.

* Optional mounting accessories available:

– Stud-mount round rubber housing

– Black or chrome flush-mount ring

– Recessed rubber mounting ring

– Sun Visor mounting ring

– Double-stick adhesive tape

* Remote flasher and switch purchased separately.

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Product: Sho-Me PAR 36 LED Lights

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