American Signal Storm Siren Tempest T-128


The Tempest™ series of Emergency Alerting sirens are used for the notification of the public or employees during severe weather situations, Hazardous Material Incidents, Wild Fires, and other disaster scenarios.

In conjunction with the FCC, FEMA, and the National Weather Service’s Emergency Alerting System to notify people indoors, the Tempest” Siren Series is used to notify people outdoors of impending danger.



100% MAINTENANCE FREE Construction of the siren head. Five Year Warranty on Siren Head

Direct Gear Drive (No Belts or Chains to stretch, break or maintain).

All external surfaces corrosion resistant (Fiberglass horns and covers and Stainless Steel hardware).

Operating at optimal level of 500 Hz

130.9 dB peak @ 100 ft

129 dB avg. @100 ft

Siren Design Characteristics

The Tempest” T-128 outdoor siren is designed to be maintenance free. Many composite components are used to reduce or eliminate the damaging effects of harsh environmental conditions. The life of an ASC siren far exceeds it’s competitor’s products. All ASC sirens and High Powered Siren Systems are constructed using Stainless Steel hardware.

T-128 Rotational Siren – 4.6 Sq. Miles Coverage

This 128dB rated siren includes:

Pole Mount & Mtg. Hdwr.
Rotation Sensor Standard
Standard (3) signals, Test Cancel
60º Sound Pattern 360º Coverage
Maintenance Free Design
Weatherproof Fiberglass housings
Gear Driven Rotation (No Belts)

ASC has eliminated the use of chains and belts used on other rotation systems, reducing the potential for failure.

The Tempest” Series of Sirens utilizes a 48 VDC motor with factory-sealed bearings, which increases reliability and efficiency.

The latest in innovative emergency notification products from ASC.

With 60 years of experience in the warning system industry, ASC has produced the Tempest” to be the most Reliable and Functionally Dependable Siren System on the market.

Available in low-cost AC operation, DC battery pack operation, and True UPS design with AC Power as the main supply source and DC battery backup in the event of power failure.

Tempest™ is the only AC/DC siren that has the ability to test the battery package on a weekly or monthly siren test as a UPS-type of system. Other manufacturers provide DC operation only with trickle charging for battery packages or AC/DC conversion where the batteries are exercised only when AC power fails. Many times that is too late to find out that the batteries are not ready for operation.

ASC can also provide all electrical control components such as the Siren Control, Radio Decoder (optional), and Service Disconnect to one mounting channel which is pre-wired at the factory. This mounting configuration reduces field installation mistakes and installation time and cost.

Icom IC-F4011 – 16 Channel UHF Land Mobile Radio


Simple operation for instant communication
Modern design, rugged body
MIL-STD and IP54 rugged construction
Lithium-Ion battery standard
CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder/decoder
Rapid battery charger supplied
Automatic scanning and priority scan

Icom Radio F3161 – 512 Channels


“It’s truly the radio of our time,” states Chris Lougee, Vice President of Icom’s Land Mobile Division. The radios actually create new spectrum for users. The FCC established 500 new 6.25 kHz bandwidth channels that go virtually unused because there has been no equipment available for the industry. Icom delivers the spectrum solution.

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American Signal Storm Siren E-Class

The E-Class voice siren is full configurable for a wide range of applications and coverage patterns, from directional 90, 180, 270, to a full 360 omni-directional sound propagation. Each 400 Watt speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400 Watt power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. For a powerful yet economical voice/siren system E-Class wilt meet your needs.



Omni directional 360° voice/tone siren (standard.)

400 Watts per speaker configurable directional or Omni-Directional,
Pre-recorded and live voice broadcasting/adjustable audio output.

10 standard/6 custom tone signals.

Silent testing. Battery operation, Maintenance free siren head. Modular component design.

MACROs: Custom tones & pre-recorded messages with repeated play.
2 Year Parts Warranty.

Over 25 years of excellence in community alerting and voice notification.



Military Bases for Personnel Alert Systems

Bugle Call Systems

Airfield/Crash or Attack Warning

Industrial Employee Evacuation Systems

Community Warning

Golf Courses Lightning/Storm Warning and Announcements

Amusement Parks


Siren Design Characteristics
Siren Models EC1 through EC-12 produce 121 up to 128 decibels respectively, tested in free field non- reflective measurement environments with repeatable results. Applications include omni-directional or quadrant configurations for 90*-360* coverage patterns. The spun aluminum re-entrant siren horns endure severe weather conditions. ;ire maintenance Free, and will not rust or require painting. The Electronic Controls have a self contained, regulated battery charging system that assures full siren operation during AC outages The control charging unit requires a nominal 120 VAC 50/60Hz power with 5 amp service. The tan siren horn color remains aesthetically pleasing and the tow silhouette siren design discourages vandalism.

The optional electronic controls include 6 push buttons for local, manual operation of the siren, to initiate a variety of tones or prerecorded messages. LEDs provide component or power service status information. The amplifiers are individually fused and switchable between hi and low outputs (from 100 watts to 6 watts per speaker driver), for testing and servicing without the necessity of hearing protection The electronic control is encased in a lockabie, outdoor-use-rated NEMA enclosure. Special cabinets rated for specific environments are available upon request

The Rechargeable batteries are encased in a separate, lockable, maintenance-free-enclosure, designed to isolate and prevent any battery fumes from damaging electrical components. The recommended low maintenance 12 VDC deep cycle marine-type batteries are optional.

For maximum sound dispersion sirens should be mounted 45′-55′ above grade?. An optional pole mount is available for mounting the poles on a standard wooden utility pole. The center mount, tow-silhouette siren design eliminates the need for support wires. The sirens can also be mounted on proper structures such as roofs, towers, etc. Mounting brackets for these applications and additional installation accessories are available from American Signal Corporation.

Field Programming
Each electronic control includes an RS-232 port for field
programming of tones and time duration. The 6 custom programmable tones can be software programmed to generate almost any tone or tone sequence. MACROs, customized tones and pre-recorded messages in repeated play cycles, and new tones, can be field programmed as your needs change.

American Signal Storm Siren I-Force STi-3200


The i-FORCE™ warning sirens by ASC is designed for community. Industrial nuclear, petrochemical, or other applications that require high levels of sound pressure level output with superb acoustical performance and brilliant voice notification broadcasting.

The i-FORCE™ sirens can be activated locally or from a central point using radio or land line. Multiple sirens can be activated from a central point. An encoder located at the central point transmits activation codes to the siren decoder that initiates the proper tones or pre-recorded voice messages. The electronic control decoders arc programmable for various tone out protocols, including TTTS/DTMF/FSK. Any of 10 standard or 6 optional customized tones can be activated.

Compulert Scada

Since 1982, this digital wireless, supervisory control and data

acquisition (SCADA) system has been used in applications to

control and monitor the status of warning sirens, EAS system

components, electric utilities, water and wastewater systems, oil

and gas monitoring, public safety, communication systems

control and many other SCADA applications. Whether you want to make sure your warning system is ready when you are, or when you need to document activation information to show your responsiveness and readiness before or after an incident, CompuLert™ can provide the control and documentation to help.

CompuLert CSC-960

The CSC-960™ encoder combines maximum flexibility with convenience of operation for new or existing “outdoor Warning Siren Systems.”

Use it as a stand-alone unit, or in multiple-controller arrangements of a I -way or 2-way siren control system. Compatible with both DTMF or digital FSK data-tone protocols, it may be used to upgrade your existing equipment, or as a controller for your new warning siren system. For enhanced operation, connect the CSC-960™ to a new or existing PC using a Windows operating system (Win95, 98, NT).

Designed with mounting in mind, the CSC-960™ is easily installed on a desktop, in a rack-mount configuration, or integrated into an existing dispatch console to conserve space.

The CompuLert™ CSC-960™ configuration is determined by the number of sirens you have, and the features you need. For 2-way systems with up to 15 sirens, the CSC-960™ and printer will provide critical status information relating to the operational statue of the warning siren equipment. Beyond 15 sirens, the PC Windows adjunct is generally more suitable. For large systems, or where communities require the benefits of enhanced control system(s) features, an operator work station can be provided to include the powerful CompuLert™ software for “automatic event” report generation, and other convenient features. Now the CSC-960™ will also upload and download (all) command sequences from the PC or operate independently of the PC, when simple, fast, push-button activation only is required.
Installation and operation is easy! Just plug it in to any 110 VAC, 60Hz service outlet, connect it to your radio transmitter, turn on the power, and push the tone-signal/siren(s) button(s) to activate the equipment, the CSC-960™ comes standard with battery back up, and should AC fail, will remain operational for a minimum of 8 hours. The CSC-960™ also provides continuous operation despite operator workstation failure.

American Signal Universal RTU Controller


The Universal Remote Terminal Unit (U-RTU)TM is a powerful and innovative siren controller capable of both control activation and data acquisition or local data processing only. It is designed to provide practical and economical solutions for a wide range of usage; whether your needs are for a single siren control or for county wide or larger applications.

The results of nearly 20 years of experience satisfying our customers, the U-RTUTM siren controller is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, offering digital FSK, DTMF and TTS tone and data decode compatibility, as well as radio communication bandwidth versatility. Activate (and test) the U-RTUTM siren controller(s) from a multiple encode locations. Locally, the unit can be controlled from the convenient push-button panel, or with hardwired push buttons in a nearby building (firehouse, police department, etc) using the optional external activation kit.

In Two-Way Control and Status system, siren activation and the monitoring of siren operation, or fault conditions, are accomplished in the U-RTU’sTM computer. Additional option card such as the 8-channel analog card allow you to monitor sensing equipment such as weather stations (temperature, wind speed, direction, humidity, etc) flood level sensors, radiation ring monitoring systems and others with true values displayed on the CompulertTM software system.

American Signal Tone Alert Radio TAR-900


The latest in innovative emergency notification products from ASC. With over 50 years of experience in the warning system industry, ASC provides the TAR-900 Tone Alert Radio for notification to industries, institutions and residents in the event of an emergency.

The TAR-900 provides high quality voice broadcast and alerting tones to alert and notify listeners about tornadoes, lightening storms, hazardous material incidents and many more emergency scenarios. The systems can be activated by County, City or Villiage emergency radio dispatchers or by industrial plant security officers or administrators.

In addition, the TAR-900 can be equipped with Battery Back-up and Solid State Voice Storage to record emergency events for those short periods when an office is unattended.